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The ultimate responsibility of ensuring the implementation of the company HSE-MS rests directly upon the Managing Director of JOEMARINE NAUTICAL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED. The Managing Director is wholly committed to ensuring that operations are carried out with regards to all company QHSE rules and regulations and in line with applicable legislation. This is achieved with the Managing Director being ultimately accountable and responsible for the overall implementation of the company’s HSE-MS. The company’s HSE Officer/risk control officer must understand their specific responsibilities for Health, Safety and Environmental issues within the organization by ensuring that HSE are part of their key business activity, adequate health and safety of facilities available and that the relevant HSE-requirements and codes of practice are known and adhered to at all times by all the workforce. In their absence they will ensures that these responsibilities are correctly delegated. Management firmly believes our workers are the most important aspect of the company’s operation and as a result of that the prevention of occupational injury or illness and continuous improvement of the HSE-Management System will be considered as a top priority at all times to ensure that each worker goes home safe and healthy. Senior management shall always be personally involve in the implementation of the company’s HSE-MS and shall show commitment to HSE principle by participating in the following activities which include but not limited to:
  • Audits
  • Health and Safety inspection
  • Investigations of incidents and accidents HSE-Meetings
  • Waste Management plan
  • Journey Management System audit
  • Provision of Safety gadgets and equipment.
  • Provision of financial resources to run/enable effective implementation of the company’s HSE-MS.
  • Regular site visits.
They shall also promote good HSE culture among the staff by adhering to all HSE legislation and procedures in the company which include but not limited to:
  • Adherence to safety rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Wearing the required PPE where necessary.
  • Actively participating in QHSE meetings.
  • Holding Ultimate responsibilities for JOEMARINE NAUTICAL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED events.
  • Top management raises the HSE commitment, policy and objectives for JOEMARINE NAUTICAL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED appoints the HSE management representatives and provides the necessary resources at all times to ensure full compliance.
JOEMARINE NAUTICAL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED is committed to its corporate policies as the strategic intentions and guiding principles for managing QHSE activities within the organization. JOEMARINE NAUTICAL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED has various policies that will be communicated to all affected by our operations/interested parties and usually posted conspicuously in all company’s offices and facilities to increase the level of awareness of personnel at all levels of the organization.

Management will ensure regular/periodic review of her policies to meet relevant changes and for the purpose of continual improvement. This ultimately will enhance JOEMARINE NAUTICAL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED Performance.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Joemarine Nautical Company Nigeria Limited believes that people and the environment are the most important assets and their safety is our ultimate responsibility. The safety of the people we engage in our operations and the environment are the major consideration in our operations. Every employee of Joemarine, contractor or third party contractor is accountable for conducting her operations in s safe and environmentally friendly manner. In line with stop work authority policy all personnel regardless of its position, have express authority to suspend any operation which in his/her opinion presents a risks to people or the environment.

Joemarine is committed to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and other relevant standards and codes of practice related to her areas of operations,

The company top management u committed to maintaining and continually improving a Health, Safety and Environment systems which meets the objectives of this policy,

HSE Policy Objectives

  • Provide safe work environments for employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Assess risks and strive to eliminate the potential adverse impacts to people and the environment that may result from the Company’s operations.
  • Continuously improve the quality of asset procedures which ensure the safety of workers, minimize impacts on the environment and provide for effective emergency response.
  • Implement programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees as it relates to health, safety, emergency response and environmental protection.
  • Communicate information pertinent to process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental matters to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Integrate process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental considerations into business decision-making processes.
  • Pursue continuous improvement of the Company’s management system for improving process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental performance.
  • Conduct annual audits to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, company standards, and accepted industry practices.
  • Joemarinee’s obligations under the provisions of the ISM Code.

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